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Stepping into Palliative Care: Care and Practice v. 2

Stepping into Palliative Care: Care and Practice v. 2

  • Author: Jo Cooper
  • ISBN: 9781857757927
  • Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing
  • Published: 30-SEP-06
RRP: £42.99
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This work includes a Foreword by Philip Burnard, Professor of Nursing and Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Nursing and Midwifery Studies, Wales College of Medicine, Cardiff University. The second edition of this highly successful text has been greatly expanded and updated, and is now available in two companion volumes. "Stepping into Palliative Care 2" focuses on symptom management, emergencies, bereavement and spirituality. This practical guide with numerous examples, illustrations and thorough references, includes boxes, tables, figures, self-assessment questions, points for reflection and case studies to aid comprehension. The clear layout and straightforward approach is ideal for all those working in community care, including nurses, nursing students, doctors and social workers, and those already involved to some extent in palliative care. 'Educational and enlightening. Excellent. The text has been thoroughly updated but the focus remains practical. The layout is clear and makes for easy reading. The chapters are written by subject experts who are also excellent communicators.

That the book appears in a second edition indicates how helpful it has been to its 'first generation' of readers. I can imagine many people benefiting from this book: students on diploma and degree programs, clinical practitioners and a range of other carers. It will also be useful to nurses in other fields who need or want to gather an understanding of what palliative care is about. It will also be a valuable resource in the library of any hospice or palliative care organisation. I am delighted to be associated with the wealth of information that is to be found in this book. I congratulate both the editor and the contributors for all their work and know that the book will help both patients and staff, in very many ways.' - Philip Burnard, in the Foreword.