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Palliative Care in the Acute Hospital Setting: A practical guide

Palliative Care in the Acute Hospital Setting: A practical guide

  • Author: Sara Booth, Polly Edmonds, Margaret Kendall,
  • ISBN: 9780199238927
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Published: 20/12/09
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Hospital palliative care teams have been established in rapidly increasing numbers over the last 20 years, as it has been recognized that hospices can never transfer the philosophy and practice of palliative care into the acute sector by simply existing; the often work as 'stand alone units' and remain outside mainstream medicine. However, it has become apparent that improving access to palliative care for patients in acute hospitals is not as easy as employing external palliative care specialists as consultants. Even setting up a team of professionals who work solely in a hospital will often not improve the care of the great majority of patients being treated there. Based on the extensive experiences and knowledge of three clinicians in the area who have developed palliative care services in acute settings, this book provides those facing the same challenges with practical guidance and down to earth advice on a range of problems they might encounter. Using a problem focused and practical approach, Palliative Care in the Acute Hospital Setting: A Practical Guide is filled with case-based problems to help readers identify realistic, usable, everyday solutions. It also covers the skills and knowledge needed to help teams make progress in the hospital as well as outlining the best training to help them continue to flourish. Written in an accessible style with short and focused chapters, this clearly laid out book helps readers find the information they need to tackle particular problems easily and with confidence. With a supportive outlook and covering the non-clinical management aspects of palliative care, this book is the ideal guide for palliative care specialists making the transfer from hospice to hospital, and for those setting up palliative care teams in the acute hospital setting.

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