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Grief In Young Children

Grief In Young Children

  • Author: Atle Dyregrov
  • ISBN: 9781843106500
  • Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
  • Published: 11-MAR-08
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It is a common misconception that preschool children are not capable of experiencing grief in the same way that older children do. "Grief in Young Children" challenges this assumption, demonstrating that although young children may not express grief in the same way as older children, they still need to be supported through loss. Illustrated throughout with case examples, the author explores young children's reactions to death and loss, both immediately after the event and over time. For example, young children may engage in 'magic thinking', believing that wishing that someone were dead can actually cause death, which leads to feelings of guilt.Full of practical advice on issues such as how to keep children in touch with their memories, answer their questions, allay their fears and explore their feelings through play, this accessible book enables adults to work with children to develop an acceptance of grief and an understanding of death and loss. This book is essential reading for parents, carers, counsellors and teachers, and is complemented by the companion volume "Grief in Children: A Handbook for Adults, Second Edition", which caters for school-age children, also written by Atle Dyregrov and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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